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Prevention Is Key: Shower Maintenance Tips

Prevention Is Key: Shower Maintenance Tips You and your family use the shower in your bathroom frequently, and it forms part of

10 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Regular home  maintenance is something that every house requires if you want your home to continually provide comfort, safety and security -

Liquid Drain Cleaners: are they safe?

Liquid Drain Cleaners: Should You Use Them? Our Plumbers get that question a lot! When you get a clogged drain in your

A Quick Guide To Dripping Faucets

A Quick Guide To Dripping Faucets Dripping faucets can be a huge pain. Although they are not a severe plumbing issue, they

How to Winterize Your Home Plumbing

How to Winterize Your Home Plumbing Now that summer is over; you need to start thinking about winterizing your home’s plumbing and

Is Your Main Sewer Line Clogged?

Sewer lines help to transport water from a home to the sewer mains underground. Sewer lines are hidden away under the ground,

How Do You Know If Your Main Plumbing Line Needs Repair?

The main water line is built to last. Therefore, most homeowners will never have a problem with it. Unfortunately, older pipes can

Avoiding a Disaster

It is one of the worst nightmares of any homeowner. You wake up in the morning or come home from a relaxing

Can you locate your water shut-off valve?

When a plumbing emergency happens, do you know how to shut off the water to your home? Waiting until an emergency arises

How to Maintain a Septic System

If you have recently moved to a rural area, your home might not be serviced by a sewer system. Instead, you will