water leak plumberIt is one of the worst nightmares of any homeowner. You wake up in the morning or come home from a relaxing vacation to discover that your pipes have burst. A burst pipe is a serious matter, and what you do next could make a big difference in the amount of damage you ultimately suffer.

As with any household emergency, the faster you react the better off you will be. If the pipe just burst, you may be able to prevent flooding and the resulting water damage. Turn off the main water supply as soon as you discover the burst pipe, and do not turn the water back on until you are sure the problem has been rectified.

You will next need to drain the system of water to avoid flooding from the burst pipe. Turn the cold water taps on the whole way on every sink in your home to drain the accumulated water. Flush the toilets several times to remove that water from the system.

After the water has been drained from the system, the next step is to turn off your heating system and electronics. Once that has been done you should go around and collect any standing water that has already accumulated. Water damage can become severe very fast, so the faster you clean it up the better.

Once the accumulated water has been collected and discarded, it is time to locate and repair the leak. If you are confident in your ability to detect the leak and fix it properly, you can do the work yourself. If not, it is best to call in a professional plumber.

Plumbers have many years of experience in finding and repairing leaks, and they may be able to detect leaks you would have missed or even find potential problems. If your pipes have sprung one leak, there could be additional weak spots you are not aware of. Having the entire system checked by a professional is a good preventative measure, even if you are certain you can fix the original leak on your own.

Only turn the water back on after you are sure the leak has been addressed and there is no additional damage to the plumbing system. Having a pipe burst can be a disconcerting and frightening experience, but the sooner you deal with the better. If you act promptly, you can avoid long term water damage and the destruction of the contents inside your home.