Clogged – Blocked  Drains

Clogged drains - drain cleaningDo You Need Drain Cleaning?

Clogged drains can happen in any home or business. Kitchen sinks get clogged with leftover foods or grease, a shower gets clogged with hair, and a toilet gets clogged with things such as baby wipes or other items that are not meant to be flushed. When your pipes get clogged and you are not able to get them running smoothly again, consider Champion Plumbing for a fast, affordable, and effective drain cleaning.

Kitchen Sink Clogs

Over time kitchen sinks will clog up du to the oils and grease we poor down the sink drains. This in combination with food will clog up the pipes and you got a nicely stoppage. What you notice is that your sink is draining rather slowly or not at all. It is tempting to just poor a bottle of liquid plumber after the clog. Not a good idea, the plastic pipes under the sing or deeper into the plumbing can be affected by the caustic  liquid and break. Which has a by far  greater damage potential  then just a clogged pipe.  Kitchen clogged drains may be harder to fix by yourself, but Champion Plumbing® can help you restore your kitchen drain to working order safely, without damaging the pipes or your sink.

Bathroom Drain Clogs

The bathroom is one of the most susceptible areas of the home to experience a clogged drain and stopped up pipes. Hair, dirt and soap are all things that can get stuck in a shower or sink, while toilets can be clogged by excessive toilet paper, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products or even cat litter. These clogs can cause the water to drain slowly or even stop draining at all. Sometimes, these clogs will not break up with household chemicals or tools. For these heavy duty clogs, call Champion Plumbing®. We have the tools and skills to handle your worst blockages.

Main Sewer Lines

When a main sewer line clogs, it can cause slow draining pipes or clogged drains in every area of the house. One of the primary causes of a main sewer line clog is root systems growing into the main sewer line line. Any substance that caused the slow pipe drainage in your home could be responsible for a main sewer line clog, so Champion Plumbing will fully diagnose the issue causing a main sewer line clog and will help rememdy the problem and prevent future issues.

Anywhere there is a drainage system and pipes, there can be clogging. Champion Plumbing® will handle any type of clogged drains you may have in your plumbing with fast and friendly service. Call us 24/7 to get your plumbing working as good as new!

Clogged drains