Drain Cleaning: Five Ways to Unclog Your Drains

Some tips from your local Plumber

Most drain clogs can be cleared in a couple of hours; you just need some tricks up your sleeve as well as some patience. Continue reading to learn some drain cleaning techniques that will help get rid of all types of clogs. Cleaning clogged drains
1. Moderate Clogs
If your kitchen drain is moderately congested, there’s no need to turn to chemical drain cleaners. You can make a homemade concoction that will give you outstanding results. Mix half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda, and pour the solution down the drain. Let it rest in the drain for about three hours, and rinse with boiling water. This method is also useful for once weekly drain cleaning, it will help remove any debris and keep your drains clog and odor free.
2. Bigger Clogs
If you have a larger blockage in your drain, you need a more advanced drain cleaning solution: removing the p-trap. The p-trap is the u-shaped pipe found under your sink. To remove it, take a wrench and loosen the metal slip nuts until you can unscrew them by hand. Once the p-trap is unscrewed, remove all the debris and blockages, then reassemble the p-trap, tightening the nuts first by hand and then with a wrench. Make sure that you’ve sufficiently tightened all the nuts, so you avoid any leaking issues.
3. Using a Plunger
If the clog isn’t cleared when you clean the p-trap, then using a common plunger should help. To begin, remove the stopper from the drain and pour a cup of boiling water down the drain to dissolve the blockage. To make sure that you have enough suction, the sink should be filled with a layer of tap water, covering the rubber section of the plunger. Once you’re set up, the plunger should be placed directly over the drain and use force to push and pull repeatedly. If you’ve been successful in removing the clog, the water will drain out of the sink.
4. Clogged Toilet
If your toilet is clogged, one of the best tips for drain cleaning is to use a force ball-type plunger, as they exert a lot more blockage removal pressure and they’re specifically designed for use in toilets.
To unclog the toilet, place the plunger at such angle that it seals firmly over the drainage hole. Forcefully push the plumber up and down repeatedly, then remove the plunger and flush. If the water drains quickly, you’ve successfully removed the clog. If it doesn’t, try plunging a few more times, otherwise you will need to call a professional plumber, 2017-04-02_14-16-06
5. Stopped Up Bathtub
To unclog a bathtub drain, the best method is to use a drain snake, which is a flexible steel cable wound on a handle. To remove the clog, insert about three feet of the snake and turn it as you push forward.
When the snake is being worked through the trap underneath the drain, expect some resistance, but keep turning to move the head deeper.

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