Avoid Clogged Toilets – What Not To Flush Down Your Toilet

Only two things are supposed to be flushed down a toilet: regular toilet paper and human waste. Everything else should go into the trash or garbage disposal. One of the main reasons clogged toilets happen in a household and become a major plumbing problem is that people throw things into the toilet that they’re not supposed to. Toilet problems
Unfortunately, a lot of people see the toilet as just another trash can, where they can dispose of anything and therefore throw things that they are not supposed to. When foreign objects are thrown into the toilet, they will cause clogs and other problems, such as pollution and damage to your septic tank. Furthermore, it will end up being costly, as professional plumbers are required to unclog any clogged toilets.
What everyday objects should not be thrown into the toilet?

Grease and food and cooking oil

You might think that it is fine to throw fat into your toilet, as grease and oils, such as cooking oil are liquid. However, these oils and grease congeal when the temperature is lower, and they cool down. When they congeal, the solidified grease clogs the pipes, resulting in clogged toilets.

Wet wipes and cleaning wipes

After taking off your makeup at the end of a long day or changing a diaper, throwing the used wipe into the toilet can seem convenient, as it seems the same as toilet paper. However, there has been a marked increase in sewage pipe backups and clogged toilets. The culprit for this is cleaning wipes and wet wipes, which do not deteriorate in the same way as toilet paper.
Make sure always to throw used wipes into a trash can instead of your toilet!

Dental Floss

Dental floss is not biodegradable. This item accumulates over time in the toilet, causing clogs that need to be professionally removed.

Q-tips and cotton balls

As with wipes and dental floss, cotton doesn’t break down after it’s been flushed down the toilet. When it gets wet, it accumulates and forms clumps that cause clogged toilets. As with wipes and floss, throw them into the trash can once you’ve used them.


When wipers get wet as they are put under water, they expand and become difficult to flush them down. If you succeed in flushing down a diaper, it will get caught in the bend of the pipe and cause your toilet to clog.

Expired pills and medication

If you are cleaning out your medicine cabinet and find expired pills and medication, don’t get rid of them by flushing them down the toilet. Even though they will not cause clogged toilets, they do cause water pollution. Once the flushed water enters the groundwater supply, the medication harms wildlife.

Paper towels and tissues

Even though they might look very similar to toilet paper, paper towels and tissues do not dissolve in the water – so don’t flush them down! Dispose of them in the garbage can.

Cigarette butts

If you need to smoke, and you do so in your bathroom, make sure your cigarette butts are disposed of properly. If cigarette butts end up in the toilet, the cotton will make them float into the water, expanding and clogging your toilet when they are flushed.They also load the water with lots of harmful chemicals which can harm wildlife when that water enters the groundwater supply.
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