How Often Should a Water Softener Regenerate?

The valve of your water softener system is the part of the unit that controls how often the water softener recharges or regenerates. This valve is the brain of your softener unit, as it sends out the commands as to when the regeneration process needs to occur. Water softener Installation San Antonio

Why does a water softener backwash or regenerate?

Ion exchange water softeners pass hard water through a pad of material called resin that softens this water. As the minerals in hard water come in contact with this resin, they are attracted to it and get trapped in the resin.

Once the hard water minerals are removed from the water by being stuck in the resin, your water turns soft. Over a period, the resin gets entirely covered by the minerals and needs cleaning. The backwash process occurs at this moment, therefore regenerating the system, so it’s ready to begin the softening process once again.

What happens during the regeneration process?

During this process, the resin is flooded with brine water, therefore washing the hard water materials off the resin and down the drain. The resin that softens your water is clean once again, and ready to soften water. This process happens approximately once a week, depending on how much water is used and allows your home to have a constant stream of soft water.
When should the valve on my water softener be checked?
If you experience an extended power cut that lasts more than an hour, the time of day on your control valve may need to be reset. It’s common that the valve’s internal batteries keep the time of day for up to 24 hours, but check your manufacturer’s guide to get more details on how often you should check the valve.

When should I contact professional water softener services?

If you feel a change in the quality of your water, follow these three steps:
● Check your brine tank, it might be empty, and you need to add more salt
● Make sure your system has power
● Check the drain line for any kinks that could be restricting the water flow
If you’ve ruled out these three possibilities, you need to contact professional water softener services as quickly as possible. Experts recommend that your unit is serviced once a year, because:
● Water softener services professionals can test your water and ensure that no constituents have been modified. Sometimes changes occur at your local water plant, and a professional can modify the settings based on the results of the water quality test, and make sure you keep receiving the best quality water. They can also install a pre-filter or service your unit for anything else it needs.
● When your settings are optimized, you will save money in water and electricity bills.San Antonio Water Softener services
● A professional can repair your unit if your softener regenerates too often. Make sure that you have your warranty on hand, so you know what’s covered in parts and labor. While it might seem expensive to hire a professional, it will cost you more in the long run as you will be using extra salt and more water.
● Your system can be sanitized and cleaned by a professional, ensuring the continual production of high-quality soft water.