Signs Your Water Softener Isn’t Working Properly

If you notice the following things from your water softener, it’s time to start thinking about contacting a professional water softener service to get your unit looked at.
Hard water spots: If you are noticing hard water spots on your shower and battling against mineral and scale build-up, your unit needs to be serviced to make sure you have the correct settings. water-softener
Water doesn’t feel soft: You can instantly tell the difference when you stop receiving soft water. Some signs may be that suds are harder to come by in your kitchen sink or you feel itchy after showering. Your first step should be to check if your brine tank is full of salt. If it is, this means your system is no longer working properly and needs to be looked at by a water softener service professional.
Noticeable difference in water quality or water pressure: If you are receiving less water pressure or you notice a difference in water quality, call a professional immediately to have your unit serviced.
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To make sure your water softener is functioning correctly, experts recommend that a professional inspects your softener once a year. They will ensure your settings are optimized, that the valve is working properly, and they’ll even test your water to ensure you have the correct settings.
Repair or Replace?

As is with all the other appliances in your home, your water softener will wear out at some point. If you feel you are frequently calling a professional water softener service to have your unit looked at, it may be time to debate the issue of replacing vs. repairing. A few things to take into consideration are the following:
● Efficiency: Outdated and old softeners end up being costly and ineffective over time. This translates into to more expensive water bills, higher energy bills and using more salt.
● Cost of Service: Hiring a professional water softener service constantly to have your unit repaired feels like having to take your car into the shop all the time. At some point, you’ll have to stop spending money on it and just purchase a newer model. Make sure you inspect your softener warranty diligently to check what the manufacturer covers in regards to labor and parts.Water softener Installation San Antonio
● Changes in your Household: Think about how and how much your household has changed in the past ten years or so since your softener was purchased. Are fewer family members living at home? Have you added new family members? It’s quite likely that your softener was originally sized taking into account how many people are living in your home at the time you made your purchase. Modern water softeners are sized depending on the amount of people in the household, but they also monitor decreases or increase in the consumption of water, determining how often they regenerate. This new technology can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Take into consideration that not all water softeners are made in the same conditions. Cheaper softeners purchased from stores can seem like a bargain, but they need more frequent services, wear out more easily and have a shorter lifespan. Buying a premium softener from a professional means that your system has been manufactured with better quality components will have a longer lifespan and a better warranty.
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